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5 Documentaries about hacking and cybersecurity that you should see

Exploring the world of hacking and cybersecurity can be fascinating, especially through documentaries that offer an in-depth and critical look at these topics. Here we present five essential documentaries that will immerse you in this universe.

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The Great Hack

It is a revealing documentary that analyzes the impact of Cambridge Analytica on world politics. Through the testimony of Brittany Kaiser, the company's former business director, it is exposed how technology giants such as Google and Facebook have accumulated power through the exploitation of personal data.

The documentary also examines Cambridge Analytica's role in the 2018 US election, raising serious questions about ethics and privacy in the digital age.

Terms and Conditions May Apply

Released in 2013, "Terms and Conditions May Apply" unravels how companies and governments use the information that users provide when browsing the Internet.

Directed and narrated by Cullen Hoback, this documentary harshly criticizes the privacy policies and terms of service of large companies, which are often written in confusing language. Hoback seeks to alert users about the risks of accepting these conditions without reading them carefully.


It is a documentary directed by Laura Poitras and released in 2017, it offers an intimate look at Julian Assange, the controversial founder of WikiLeaks. Over five years of recordings, Assange's personal and professional life is revealed, along with mentions of prominent political figures such as Barack Obama, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Deep Web

For those interested in the mysteries of the Deep Web, Alex Winter's "Deep Web," released in 2015, is a perfect choice. This documentary delves into the arrest and conviction of Ross William Ulbricht, creator of the online black market Silk Road. Additionally, it explores how the Deep Web works and how it has been used for criminal activities and scams.

The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz

It is a moving tribute to Aaron Swartz, a brilliant programmer and Internet activist. Swartz, known for co-creating Reddit and his fight against Internet control laws, faced several legal battles that culminated in his tragic suicide at the age of 26. The documentary, with testimonies from family and friends, offers a deep insight into his life and legacy.



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