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Cybercrime Group THE HIVE has been dismantled

Earlier this year, the FBI announced that it had eliminated the infamous Hive ransomware group. This group of ransomware is considered very dangerous due to its attempts to extort its victims for hundreds of millions of dollars. This extortion technique was first used by cybercrime groups in mid-2020 in order to exert strong pressure on the victim to obtain the ransom payment and otherwise the cyber actor would publish the stolen information to the world.

The group was also responsible for more than 80 attacks on critical infrastructure organizations in 2022, according to the FBI's "Internet Crime Report 2022."

Even though THE HIVE group has been dismantled, there is always the possibility that the people behind Hive's operations will reappear under a different name with alternative methods and variations on the devices used. In this regard, the FBI has been trying to identify key members of the group, disrupt its sources of funding and confiscate assets that would hamper the continuation of its operations.

It is important to note that the fight against cybercrime is an ongoing process and it is not always possible to eliminate a group or organization. It is therefore crucial to remain alert and well-informed.

At Cyberpeace, we believe that if companies have information about cybercrime groups, they can be proactive or alert to any sign of attack. This information must be shared with companies through the appropriate means or services in order to be used efficiently.

In this sense, Cyberpeace has collaboration and threat intelligence platforms with which it shares detailed information on the most important cybercrime groups and by sector to its clients and the general public.

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