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What do we know so far about the Ticketmaster hack?

A hacking group known as ShinyHunters has claimed responsibility for a major data theft from Ticketmaster, the popular ticket sales portal. Beverly Hills-based production company Live Nation has confirmed that they are investigating a security breach and that a "criminal threat actor" is attempting to sell the stolen data on the dark web.


The Security Gap

ShinyHunters claims to have stolen data from approximately 560 million Ticketmaster customers. This data includes names, addresses, telephone numbers and credit card details.

The group is reportedly demanding $500,000 for the stolen information, which is estimated to weigh 1.3 terabytes.

Live Nation has acknowledged the security breach, mentioning in a regulatory document filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that on May 20 they detected "unauthorized activity" in one of their databases.

Although they are conducting a forensic investigation to assess the scope of the incident, the company has not confirmed the exact number of users affected or whether ShinyHunters is directly responsible.

This breach comes at a delicate time for Live Nation and Ticketmaster. Recently, the United States Department of Justice filed a lawsuit accusing both companies of maintaining an illegal monopoly in the live events sector.

The lawsuit alleges that Live Nation and Ticketmaster control a large portion of the market for tickets, concert promotions and artist management, which negatively affects competition and consumers.

ShinyHunters History

ShinyHunters is not new to the world of cybercrime. They have been involved in several attacks on companies such as Tokopedia, Unacademy, Wattpad, AT&T Wireless and Microsoft. In January, one of its members, Sebastien Raoult, was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison in the United States for his participation in illicit activities that affected more than 60 companies.

How can Ticketmaster users protect themselves from hacking?

For Ticketmaster users, it is crucial to be alert to possible phishing attempts, which seek to obtain confidential information through deception. It is recommended to keep a close eye on bank and credit card accounts, use strong and unique passwords, and be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

Although Live Nation and Ticketmaster have not issued specific public statements regarding this breach, it is essential to follow digital security best practices to protect personal information.

The incident with ShinyHunters and the possible data breach at Ticketmaster underscores the importance of cybersecurity in the digital age.

As Live Nation works to mitigate the impact of the Ticketmaster hack and cooperate with authorities, users should remain vigilant and take preventive measures to protect their personal information.



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