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Hard blow to the Dark web

An international police operation codenamed 'SpecTor' arrested 288 dark web providers and clients around the world, and police seized 50.8 million euros ($55.9 million) in cash and cryptocurrencies.

Dark web

The sellers were active in a market known as the "Monopoly Market" that sold medicines to customers around the world in exchange for cryptocurrencies Bitcoin and Monero.

Monopoly Market was launched in 2019 but was later seized by police in December 2021.

However, Europol confirmed today for the first time that German authorities seized Monopoly Market in 2021 and used it to gather evidence about sellers and customers who bought and sold drugs on the site.

Europol has been conducting intelligence based on evidence provided by the German authorities, who successfully seized the criminal infrastructure of the market in December 2021."

The vendors arrested as a result of the police action against Monopoly Market were also active in other illicit markets, which further negatively impacted the trade of illicit drugs and products on the dark web.

Operation 'SpecTor' used the evidence gathered to target sellers and buyers of high-volume Dark web markets who sold drugs and firearms to other users in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

As part of this operation, law enforcement officials also confiscated 850 kilograms of drugs, including cocaine, amphetamines, MDMA, LSD, Ecstasy and 117 firearms.

Written by:

Alberto Ávalos

Director of Incident Response and Threat Intelligence of Cyberpeace



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